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  • Notarize Your Documents Fast!

    Public Notary Dubai, a subsidiary company of HHS Lawyers, provides high-quality notary services
    in Dubai and other UAE emirates tailored to clients' needs and requirements.
    Public Notary Dubai works with seasoned lawyers and legal consultants who understand all legal processes
    involved in the attestation and legalization of personal/corporate documents and transactions.


What We Provide​

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Memorandum of Association

This vital corporate document's attestation verifies that it is genuine and issued by a certain company.
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Power of Attorney

A power of attorney (POA) gives someone authority over the person producing the legally binding
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Academy Certificate

We authenticate true copies of academic certificates issued locally or internationally, such as transfer...
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The firm's lawyers and legal consultants attest to the authenticity of declarations such as a declaration of no competition..
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Minutes of a Company's Liquidation

We also provide an attestation of the minutes used in recording the proceedings relating to the start of a company
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Agreement of Assigning Shares

The transfer of ownership of stock shares is accomplished through a stock assignment agreement.
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Legal Notice

Parties to a legal process that affects their duties, rights, or obligations are given legal notices. We give legal notice attestation to be delivered by notifier or carrier and legal notice for the power of attorney termination.

Legally recognized documents are extremely vital; nevertheless, obtaining them without the assistance of specialists is exceedingly difficult. We understand how important it is to get documents certified swiftly and efficiently at Public Notary Dubai. The company has offices in Dubai, Sharjah, and the other emirates.

Our lawyers and legal experts have considerable expertise working with various government agencies, embassies, and consulates, allowing us to provide cost-effective notarial services to private individuals, small enterprises, and multinational corporations. We provide notary services and processes designed to be efficient, quick, and as simple and uncomplicated as possible for our clients.

As a Private Notary, our goal is to prevent fraud and ensure that people sign documents correctly and freely. When it comes to the legalization of important documents, our clients rely on us. After witnessing the signature of a document, we use our own information to authenticate and validate the transaction. Our legal official seal on reports denotes that a trusted notary has certified the documents’ authenticity and legal execution.

The organization is accessible for notarization and attestation seven days a week and can advise clients on the various methods for legalizing papers from other nations. As a well-established law practice with over three decades of experience, we’ll ensure you get the best possible support.

Registered Notary

The UAE Government has granted Private Notary Dubai permission to witness powers of attorney, wills, affidavits, statutory declarations, seal or signature on a declaration or form, and certify and verify copies of papers or parts of documents. Clients’ documents are attested and notarized by our team of experienced and trusted lawyers and legal advisers. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH ONE OF OUR ATTORNEYS OR LEGAL CONSULTANTS RIGHT NOW! and discover